On the Benefits of Creative Mindfulness at Work

First, to help you focus mindfully on the work you do, a few questions about you--for your own journal or discussion:

1. Who am I? As someone who works at what I do, what is my identity?

2. What am I accomplishing at work? What do I want to accomplish in my life through this work?

3. How was my work good or challenging yesterday? How might that impact my efforts or the efforts of others today?

4. What’s the most important lesson I’ve been learning in my work as a/an _____________ (insert occupation or role)? This lesson is important because... 

5. Why am I grateful? What am I looking forward to in my work and in my life?

For creatives and non-creatives alike, attending to the meaningful experience of the present moment, even at work, can result in many benefits, including:

better decision making, calmer more focused discussions, empathetic awareness, and a broader sense of perspective, not only for solving problems creatively, but for dealing with others in truly effective ways. This can benefit you and others beyond the cubicle, office, work bench, kitchen, classroom, vehicle or field where you work.

When complications, problems, or disagreements arise, as they inevitably do, a practice of mindful reflection helps us to keep our emotions in check. As a result, we can approach conflict with calmness and even a sense of curiosity. “Hmm, I wonder why that happens? I wonder why he feels that way about it? I wonder how I or we can improve this situation?”

There’s a world in every mind and a universe in every heart, including the minds and hearts of our customers, whoever they may be.

Our lives and theirs, as well as the lives they touch, may be positively impacted by our mindful, creative approach to the challenges and far-reaching solutions of the day.