In my experience, two things people frequently want to know about a work of art, whether a poem, song, painting, drawing, photo, movie, or play are

1. How the artist was inspired to come up with the idea, and 

2. Why she or he went forward to create it.

First, let me ask you: Why do you think people paint, write, compose music, write songs, sculpt, dance, blog, etc.? If you're a creative, why do you do the creative things you do?

Here's my short answer (and I'm really curious about yours): As a writer and artist, I create for a number of reasons, some of which I've explained here in the past. Beyond that, I write and add photos here not so much to show where I've been or what I've done, but  

to communicate with people I care about what I've experienced, what the experiences have taught me, how I've grown or still need to grow, and what I've learned.

Through stories and images, I try to add to the balance of insight and meaning in our world. I hope this helps readers connect with me, and me with them, and that it makes me a better communicator, helping me to be better for relationships with people I've known for years and with the folks I meet here and there in my travels.

But more about you. Let me probe a little further: What inspires you to share the things you share with the people in your world? See if you can describe a specific example.