My poem about longing (in Avocet, a journal of nature poetry) with more for your journal


This longing palpable
     no matter where or with whom.
All these years
     something missing.

Sometimes heard
     in the pining
of the solitary bird
     at the rim of the bluff,

unseen but sensed
     in wind moving
like a hidden thing
     brushing the sashes of the trees.

Calmed by the patience
     of surrounding hills and mountains,
did others feel it?
     Were they waiting too,

like the little songbird I sought
     and followed
that flew just out of view
     but at a pause

resting, came
     and sat in the stillness near the tree
at the edge of the lake
     in the shadow of the mountain

watching the water with me.

1. Choose one of these words, or another, and write for five minutes: LONELINESS, LONGING, CALM, PATIENCE, RESTING, WAITING, PINING, FEAR, JUBILATION, IRRITATION, SERENITY.

2. Describe a scene in nature or in a town, a place that captures a feeling, a space that is itself a metaphor for a feeling you want to convey. Use as many of your senses as you can.

3. Tell of an intense time when you chose or were forced to rest with an emotion, whether grief, anger, anticipation, hope, isolation, joy, or what have you. After a while, what did you do with the feeling? Did it escalate or dissipate as you sat with it? What was the benefit or fallout of simply resting with the emotion?

4. Respond for five minutes to one or more of the images in this post. "What's the story?"

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