A Sandwich a Day?

Dagwood Sandwich, from Linda Stradley's web site, "What's Cooking in America."

Sometimes creativity is found in ordinary places, doing routine things, like making a sandwich. You may have read Lawrence Sanders, the crime novelist whose protagonist-private eye invented amazing, juicy sandwiches. Then he contemplated the details of a crime while savoring what he made with an imported beer or a good glass of wine.

For Your Journal, tell about a routine or methodical task you enjoy that allows you to be creative or contemplative. Where or when does some of your best problem solving, day dreaming, or creative thinking occur? Doing maintenance on a bike or your car? During long drives? Changing the water in the aquarium? Folding the laundry? Taking a shower? Or in the moments before you're fully awake, when your mind is still drifting back to earth?

For contemplation, try accomplishing one task this week while clearing your mind, letting your thoughts drift away or roam free, opening a space for Creativity to find you. Or just work in stillness and awareness, experiencing the Now.