What's Your Story?

We all have story-lines that are part of the ongoing narrative of our lives.  Some of our story-lines help us expand and grow, like the goals we set and the visions we have for things we hope we're learning and achieving.  Some of our story-lines aren't ours at all.  We take them on from our parents, or our peers.  Some of our story lines can be quite limiting, focusing on our fears, keeping our world safe and, frankly, pretty small.

For Your Journal/Discussion:  What are some of your story-lines about the things you like/don't like, things you can/can't do or will/won't try?  How are your story-lines working for you?  Story-lines, like labels, can be quite limiting.  They may work for us in the sense that we get a lot of mileage out of them for a while.  But after a while, not so much.

What's one story-line you would be willing to set aside, in the hope of experiencing new and expansive things that might help you or your creativity to grow in new, enjoyable, or more meaningful directions?