Five Things...for Your Journal/Discussion

Five Favorite Flash Memories of the Day:
1. My grandmother arriving at our house to stay for the weekend!
2. The day we brought our pup Lucy home from the pet rescue.
3. Lunch on the Potomac with Lisa (when in D.C., Lisa meets with our congressional representatives on behalf of women, children and elders; I write about the landscapes, have conversations, meet new friends--this pic is from a courtyard at the Watergate)
4. The first time I remember being aware of the sound of the cello.
5. Long drives at sunset with the windows open and air coming in from the sea.

What are five of your favorite flash memories today?

Five things at home that represent a soul in a world of care:
1. Paintings that have become friends over the years.
2. The shadow box and scooter my father designed with/for me.  (Yes, I'll upload pics sometime.)
3. A watercolor portrait of Jesus by a Chinese artist, from my days teaching, with writing on it I may or may not have translated because the mystery is as precious to me as the painting.
4. Lisa's clothes and her shoes.  Lisa working nearby.
5. Books about Literature, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, and Contemplative Meditation.

What are some things in your home that represent who you are, and what you care about deeply?

(More pics from the Potomac)

Finally, lunch.  It was a lazy day by the water.  And you can be sure we ate good.  Lisa tried the blue crab cakes, and I had a grilled tuna steak standwich with pesto that I'm going to re-create at home, first chance.  It won't taste as wonderful as it did by our river, but I'm already rubbing my palms together, making big plans....

They present community concerts for free every night of the year at the Kennedy. 
We were there for Gospel Spiritual Night.  It was pure energy!  Or as my brother Michael would say, it was "Hot lava!"

Here I am at the