The Poem Readers Wished to See

This poem is about loss and longing, faith and hope, and love that is a beautiful as it is sacred and transcendent.

(White-Tailed Doe by Moxfyre)



D.M. Solis

Ice crystals crackle thawing
while I wait.
Through fanlike eaves
young maples at dawn
she emerges, a whisper.
Her padded hooves barely disturb
the frost-coated underbrush
carpeting a small glen between us.
Approaching a stream
she lowers her head
sipping without a sound
ears perked, muscles like ribbons
in a soundless breeze.

Yards away something snaps.
She raises her head, looking towards it
beads and pearls falling from her mouth
then turns to gaze at me.
Moments pass.
Ribbons swirl like a cape of cords
as she hurtles herself around and upwards.
I stand clinging to the ropes
her back and flanks
while she flies in switchback leaps
through long daybreak
shadows of trees lashing the terrain.
Her strength explosive as sunlight
traversing, surging
then cresting the mountain
where at last
she is gone.

Thus, I am ravished every dawn.
Tomorrow, before daylight
I may despair. But today, I know
even if she never does return,
I will see her again…