The Quest: Not putting off until tomorrow the joys we can share today.

Updated 16 April 2010

Thanks for being patient with me as I've been going through a kind of Quest or extended life-meditation walk about the notion of "not putting off until tomorrow" the JOY we can experience today.  Some of us, even the reformed work-aholics among us, are very good at not putting off until tomorrow the WORK we can accomplish today.  But try to get us to have a little more FUN and we manage to come up with all this "stuff" we must get done first. 

Well, I'm sure I'll say more about my Quest sometime.  For now, I've been sorting it through.  The recent loss of a dear friend has prompted this journey.  I'm grateful, with many others, for the memory of our dear Lindsey.  You know Lindsey and her beloved life-partner invited us to tour the southern regions of the Congo with them two years ago.  It would have been an amazing trip because they have done everything from swimming with a school of manta rays to watching cheetahs run free.  We missed the opportunity because it wasn't a good time for us to take two weeks off from our responsibilities here.

Now Lindsey has recently transitioned to other loveliness.  I miss her so much.  Having corresponded with Lindsey about her many adventures and stories during my writing nights since Nov. 2008, also meeting with Lindsey and her life-partner at our annual Thanksgiving retreat near Monterey, I can tell you without equivocation, that would have been an enormously beautiful and enJOYable trip. 

May you, Dear Reader, never put off until tomorrow the joy you can experience and savor today.  With love,