Countdown to Washington, D.C.

We’re headed back to D.C., where my beloved will once again be lobbying the lobbyists on behalf of women, children, and elders. A worthwhile pursuit, to be sure -- I’m always so proud of this beautiful woman.

As for moi, I will, via taxi and even sloshing partway through snow, depending on the weather (our hotel is three blocks from the first of “my” Smithsonia), be spending much of the trip at museums, monuments, restaurants and cafes again. Tough life, I know.

My favorites, so far, are the new National Museum of the American Indian (and its café, which I discovered on a tip from my dear friend, Dr. Chen, the eminent biologist – this café features indigenous foods from all over the American Continent, seriously delicious indigenous foods); the National Museum of American History -- specifically, Julia Child’s kitchen; all things Abraham Lincoln, including the Lincoln Monument down the road; and, finally, the life-size Bread Line sculpture, based on the famous woodcut from “The Catholic Worker” within the FDR Monument Gardens. We are hoping my brother and his wife will join us for the trip in April.

Meanwhile, if you have any “must see” or “got to do” tips for this trip or the next one, please tell me!

This image of Julia Child is from "Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian."  Can't you just hear her saying, "Bon Appetit!" and, "Above all...have a good time!"