By popular request: 5 More Questions For Your Journal/Discussion

1.  Lets start with "Stream of Consciousness" writing.  How it works:  Try writing in longhand (experts say, if we're inclined to write from the truth as we see it, we are more likely to do it by hand than on a keyboard).  Choose one of the five words listed here. 

Another Word or Topic Impacting You Now

See if you can write about your choice for 5 minutes without stopping.  Don't worry about spelling, punctuation, or even about making sense.  Try not to edit as you write.  Just write, write, write.  If you finish in 4 minutes, write nonsense for the the last minute.  The intent is to "get writing."

Read what you wrote.  Now go back and edit if you like.  Share your work in writing or discussion with another?

2.  What's the best advice you ever got?  The best you ever gave? 

3.  Tell me about a book, movie, story or painting that recently affected you deeply.  Tell about one from a long time ago that still resonates with you now.

4.  It's so hard to define an emotion like ____________.  Why?

5.  If irony is something that doesn't seem possible, or logical, even true...but is, what is the greatest irony in your life?