INSPIRED by the "FIVE YEARS" Episode

Did you watch it?  What did you think?  I've been among other things inspired to project a bit forward in time remember.  Here are some prompts for our individual and collection creative image-in-nations: 

1.  Writing expansively from this true moment now... For Your Journal/Discussion/Creative Writing: Your life, just ONE year in the future. Your family's, your community's, our nation's?  5 minutes each.

2.  Journal/Discussion/Creative Writing: What might life be like FIVE years in the future? 10 minutes. (Go for TEN years?  Imagine TWENTY?)

3. Some rainy days when my brothers and I were children, Mum would declare, "It's pajama day!" and three little kids would play hookie at home, in pajamas all day with our mother. After a full morning inside with three energetic children (some might say, hyperactive kids), Mum, would come into the living room bearing raingear and declare, "It's go outside and splash in the puddles day!" Mum's motives may have been mixed...and we had such a wonderful time!

For your Journal/Discussion:  Tell of a happy surprise from your childhood.

4.  There are some people, former senator Barbara Jordan, for example, it doesn't matter what your state of belief or un-belief is.  You listen to them speaking and you "get religion," in a way, because they are so sensible yet passionate in their efforts for the human (humane) rights of all people. 

For your Journal/Discussion:  Tell about someone from your past or who inspires you today because of their knowledge/commitment/compassion.  Ten minutes.