My Five Favorite Flash-Memories of the Moment Are (Thinking Fast).  WHAT ARE YOURS?

1. My father's hands
2. My brother doing acrobatics on my ten-speed in the middle of the street.
3. Mum getting me a vanity for christmas which I promptly used to set up my chemistry set.
4. The halo made by Patricia's graying around her temples and forehead, before chemo.
5. The first time I met my beloved Lisa.

To journal/discuss or comment here:  What Are Your Five Favorite Flash-Memories of the Moment?  Feel free to add a link to your blog if one of them turns into a story or poem...

My Five Favorite Foods Today Are...  WHAT ARE YOURS?  Enter your five and send me a recipe, if you'd like to share...or enter with the link to your blog if you've already posted recipes there.

1. Chocolate tapioca pudding, still (hot)
2. Basic stewed beans with a little onion and a clear broth...simmered gently, stirring every fifteen minutes, adding room temp water slowly with each stirring, sea salt only at the end. 
3. Tapas...lamb chops 
4. Egg foo yung, extra fluffy, lots of texture, not too salty, almost a frittata
5. Veggie Marsala, extra creamy
5. Macarroons (half-dipped in chocolate; the ones in the little yellow box)
5. Everything from Porto's (Cuban deli in Glendale and Los Angeles, especially the potato balls)
5. Sauerkraut and Kielbasa, thickly shredded, the sausage extra spicy...and ketchup; I put it on tamales too.  Sue me or CO2 me.  I don't care.
5. Whippy mashed potatoes with carrots, celery, garlic, and onions cooked and blended right in with some of the juices.   

What Are Your FIVE Favorite Foods Today? (Yes, again I added a few. You know you can too.) 

An extra food question of the day:  Does anyone know anything about Telleme (unsure on spelling) ...Italian cheese cured in a basket?  I checked at my Italian deli and they only have it during the holidays.  I'm told Gelson's in Pasadena has it year round.  Recipes?  The flavor and texture...milder than mozzarella?

The Five Things I'm Procrastinating About Now Are... What Are You Procrastinating About Now?

1. Getting ready to go to the dentist for an early Saturday morning appointment (BLAH!)
2. Putting away my summer clothes (and getting rid of some)
3. Filing; and refining story/poetry tracking system
4. Setting up another grooming for Lucy who's starting to resemble her alter ego, the junkyard dog in a windstorm, again.
5. Shopping