I recently dreamed my father and I were at a huge stadium. An unlikely place to find two introverts hanging out. Dad was a larger than life character, straight back, wide-as-the-sky shoulders, and stronger than strong. In his elder days we likened him to the John Wayne immortalized on the statue, sitting godlike on a mythic horse, outside the Great Western building at Wilshire and La Cienega -- one of my favorite buildings, by the way.

So, my father was filling up a stadium chair in his John Wayne body. His long legs were getting antsy. So was I. At last he shrugged and stood up. That was all the lead I needed. When he started with long strides towards the gate, I happily followed. Though, in real life, Dad always upheld the "ladies first rule."

In the dream I'm doing my best to keep up, three steps to his every one. At last Dad stopped at the gate. Gateways, I learned recently, are important symbols in Runes. He stopped at the gate, turned towards me and said, "Give everyone my love." Then I woke up. My father passed away this past April. So here I am, holding his memory tenderly, embraced in great comfort and reassurance, sending you all a Father's love.

Come, join me at the kitchen table. Tell me, what did you dream last night? Write it into your journal or as a comment below. It's a good habit to keep a tablet at your bedside, to write down your dreams before thoughts of the day intrude, to see and hear what your dreams may be showing and telling you before they fade away. Peace, and pleasant dreams....