My Five Favorite Flash-Memories of the Moment Are (Thinking Fast):

1. Kayaking with Sharon and Nixie
2. Picnics with my family in tall meadows of wild flowers and grasses
3. The stubble on Dad's chin
4. Holding my niece the first time
5. Beloved Lisa's smile on a light-rainy night in D.C.

Quick, What Are Your Five Favorite Flash-Memories of the Moment?

My Five Favorite Foods Today Are:

1. Chocolate tapioca pudding (hot)
2. Chile verde with corn fresh off the cob and handmade flour tortillas
3. Anything tapas (authentic ones)
4. Anything dim sum (steamed)
5. Somosas (medium hot...realizing "medium" is a relative term...and approaching with abandon)
5. Cocoabellas (the ones they sell on Market Street, with just enough chili in the the very best chocolate)
5. Everything from Mercedes Grill (Venice Beach, especially the sea bass and the baramundi)
5. Hot apple cider with homemade apple fritters in the fall, just as the sun crests the mountains
5. Mashed potatoes with plenty of butter, half-and-half, pepper, and MORE BUTTER!

What Are Your FIVE Favorite Foods Today? (Okay, so I added a few. You know you can too.)

The Five Things I'm Procrastinating About Now Are:

1. Cleaning out my closet
2. Sweeping off the deck
3. Revising my story, "The Avis Kid"
4. Giving Lucy a bath (Lucy is an 11 year old JRT-mix, with an enlarged heart, who thinks she's still a pup).
5. Ironing

What Are You Procrastinating About Now?