For the Voyage Outward, and the Voyage Within

What if, right in your own homeland, you find magnificent, pristine places that transport you to a state of serenity, awe, or joy? 

What  if you want to share them with everyone you know, but also want to keep them to yourself? 

Here are some images from places that have impacted me in these ways. If you wish to know where they are, let me know. Where are the places you go?

For your journal/discussion:

1. Name one place you would like to see this year? Five in the next five years or so?

2. Have you asked yourself lately, “Why am I here? What is my purpose in this life, in this space, in this/these relationships, on this planet?” 

3. AUTHENTIC, HONEST, TRUE. Pick one of these words. Tell how you’re being authentic, honest, or true in the place where you find yourself now, in your relationships with others, in your relationship with yourself.