1. The best relationships are those that start out as friendships because…

2.  The key element in building a life-giving relationship is trust because…

3.  A healthy relationship is one that builds up the individuals in it and never tears them down. Explain.

4.  People in mature, fulfilling relationships need each other because they love each other, and never the other way around. Explain.

5. Sensitivity in a caring, mutually nurturing relationship is a two-way street, otherwise…

For exploration:  Take any of the statements above and tell why you agree or disagree. Or, go ahead and take the statements in a different direction completely. Be creative, spontaneous, and don’t worry about punctuation or making sense. The important thing is to write--and arrive at a new or familiar place to think, feel, explore, and Be. 

For further exploration: Read what you wrote. Underline words, phrases, or sentences that stand out for you. Rest with them. Contemplate them. See if you can find the poem, story, or essay revealing itself in your words, in YOUR thoughts and feelings, from the experiences of YOUR life. 

Thanks, peace and all good,