Starting to Rain, Homer, AK --Copyright 2010 D.M. Solis

On a drive recently, as is sometimes the case, I let the road and the car take me away from my destination, and found me on a path overlooking the foothills. Gazing up at the grasses, wildflowers, and trees blanketing a hillside, I rested there to contemplate and Be with  the morning, with the bird songs, with the breeze. Soon the hush of a soft mist fell over the landscape.

Whenever I pause in nature, I remember what it was like when I first began to articulate the experience and intimacy of the Great Generosity there.

Intimacy in Nature, Homer, AK --Copyright 2010 D.M. Solis

For Your Journal/Discussion/Contemplation today... 

Tao: Use one or two of your senses to describe something that cannot be seen, or heard, or held, yet is all around and within you.  Love, for example.

Intrinsic: Describe the essence of a person or place you love, respect, or honor, revealing aspects that are part of, or peculiar to, or so deeply signifying, that if removed, this person or place would cease to exist as who or what they are.

 Grace, Homer, AK --Copyright 2010 D.M. Solis

Grace: If you could stop one way of being that really isn't working for you, what would that be? Why? If you could activate one new power within you that would dramatically change your way of being with or experiencing the world and those around you, what would it be? How so?

Have a beautiful day.  With great love,