Magnificent, Mysterious. These two words came to me countless times on my recent journey to Alaska. Again they arrive, a kind of mantra, as  I reflect on the time there while the memories are as raw and fresh as the virgin snow on top of her glaciers, as the people drawn there, some of them characters, some of them strangers, some searching for a place to hide, others for a place to survive, and still others for an expansive place to stretch out and grow.

After a series of losses since 2005 that blew my world apart and began a process of reshaping most of the beliefs I held dearest about life, love, family, justice, faith and more, now in 2010 I have visited for the first time the magnificence and mysteriousness of Alaska, a place where it’s clear I’ve discovered, quite literally, just the tip of the iceberg, where already I'm planning with my beloved to return, to experience and learn more.

For now, some pictures. Soon, more images and some essays, taken hastily or scribbled from water taxi, kayak, air taxi, and the road, sometimes looking out from hotel rooms, cafe windows, or cabin doors, through the lenses of my mind and heart to share with you some tiny slices of the magnificence and mysteriousness of our latest adventure, and our newest home away from home.

Except where noted, the pictures at my blog are taken by me. You're welcome to share them, if only you will kindly credit me. Thanks, peace, D.M. Solis,