One of the Poems Readers Have Been Asking to See

This is a tiny snippet from a poem about independence and interdependence within relationships.  It's about the space where two hearts intersect healthfully, as well as the spaces where they are individuals, each being true to themselves and to each other...achieving a balance of flowing and letting things flow.  It also recognizes their connectedness within a broader community.


Let’s go where this is taking us
to the parties in the high rises
where the bureaus are awash
with perfumes in Lalique atomizers
ambers and golds...

When I was four and five we rented an apartment at a court managed by my mum's aunt, on a hill overlooking Sunset and Grand Avenues in Los Angeles.  From Aunt Mary's window, looking across her bureau of perfumes, I would contemplate the city at night.  The lights of the sky scrapers against the blue-blackness often struck and captivated me.  Years later, invited to parties after my beloved passed, meeting all kinds of "beautiful people," some with what I learned were questionable even harmful motives, leaving my coat or purse on a bed with all the others, I would look over the bureaus, out at the city lights at night and reconnect with my sensitivity and preciousness...the image and memory would remind me to take care of me. 

My dear and beautiful friend, Desiree, passed away recently.  Desiree collected Lalique perfume bottles.  This poem is from TWO WOMEN, and is for Desi, with great love.

Comment on the poem or an image from your youth or childhood?  Tell how an object from the past or a distant memory is a touchstone, a kind of protector or a healing image for you these days?