DOES GOD EVER CRY? (The Song You Wanted to See)

Words and Music

by D.M. Solis

We've been given fields of daisies
so alike, but no two are the same, see?
Humans choose to nurture or destroy them
flowers and oceans,
even oceans of children!

Does God ever wonder at what She finds?
Does Goe ever cry for humankind?

Copyright 2000, D.M. Solis

This song was inspired by the flower scene in the movie, "Harold and Maude."  I've posted the clip at my facebook page. 

Coming next, the new poem readers chose.  By the way, any time is a good time to vote for the next song and poem.  

Meanwhile, here's part of a poem I'm working on now, about a favorite street in California.  I don't reveal the name of the street because I don't want word about it to get around.  I treasure it and want to share it...but I also want to keep it a secret.  So, here's as much as I will say for now.



D.M. Solis

There is a street in Venice, California
where the gardens are all secret
if you only go by car.
But if you walk to or from
the ocean or the setting sun
among scalloped leaves in sentinel hedges
exotic blossoms gently obscure....

Wishing you a soulfully beautiful All Saint's Day, those who contemplate or honor it.  Who are the saints you've met on your journey?