How Do We Find Our Life's Passions?

I stumbled upon the question recently.  It could be that our passions find us.  As readers of the blog know, I lost my life-partner four years ago.  I'd been a writer almost all my life, and a contemplative perhaps from my first childhood memories.  But through the experience of Patricia's illness and passing, while I'd always felt deeply about so many things, including creativity, and always loved so deeply and passionately, companioning her on that journey showed me what real devotion was/is, what I really meant when I told Pat I loved her...and what it is to be passionately devoted about anything, be it creativity, love, God (whatever we may wish to call that omnicient all-knowingness that seems to surround and imbue us), life, anything.

I can't say I've ever gone out looking for "my passion in life," or for a way to prove my devotion or sincerity about the ones I've loved or the things that drive me.  I've never sought to find deeper passions for spirituality, writing, art, music, nature, or love.  Yet these were revealed to me through that beautiful tragedy and its aftermath, in profound grief and renewed spirituality, as they had been throughout the course of my life, including most recently and joyfully in new love.

Back to the question:  It seems our true passion for anything is revealed to us continuously.  Perhaps the key is to live with intentionality and awareness within the tension of knowing and not knowing where passion, or Sacredness, or beauty may be that our eyes, mind, and heart will be open when Passion embraces us.

What do you think?  How have you found your passion...that something which drives you...the thing you were born or created to do...the one thing or multiplicity of things which not doing or attending to would render you...less